Photo Albums

The photo albums are handcrafted with the same quality as our daybooks. A heavy double layered scalloped front cover that is either hand tooled or floral carved, and can be personalized with initials, names, silhouettes, special dates and brands and logos. The books are built with a leather closure strap with snap for security, which has a silver concho on it for a nice classy touch. The albums are stitch grooved so that the stitching lays flush with the leather for durability. Inside you will find it to be lined with fine liner leather as well as a three ring binder that will fit standard three ring binder photo inserts. The leather photo albums make an excellent gift for that special anniversary, wedding, or event. The leather album also makes an excellent way to display your companies pictures of your product line and special projects. The albums have nicely finished edges, which are rounded, smoothed and painted for a professional image. A special glossy finish is added to the entire front cover for protection and durability. All those who receive them treasure our albums.

As always these prove to be an extremely popular item. Cherished and used daily for years to come these are truly on of the greatest awards. These leather bound daily planners have a scalloped doubled front cover that offers a truly western image. The inside is lined with a light liner leather and included is either a slide in replaceable day book, or a binder that can accept a variety of inserts, and all include a pen slot, and a business card pocket. To hold the book shut is a leather strap with a silver concho for a snap. 

The front cover of the book can be dressed up in a variety of ways as you can see by the pictures including tooling, carving and images.

By offering an award or prize that can be used in daily life your organization receives a lot of bang for your buck and these items are used daily.