Rope Cans

Our customers want roping equipment that is different and unusual. They don’t want what their neighbour has. So that’s what we create. Pro-Champion Horse Gear builds customized rope cans with a leather attached plaque designed the way you want. The rope can is a plastic container with a lid that pops off (looks like a hat box). We glue leather to the can, create a design, and make shoulder straps for the can. We can design it however the customer wants.

How many ways can you think of to make your Rope Can unique? Here are just a few suggestions of how we can make a rope can for you that make you the envy of your buddies.

Rope Cans that are Unique
We can use decorative stitching on the outer side of the plaque in either brown or white stitching. Placing stitches in a small groove prevents thread wear so each row is stitch grooved for durability.

The can itself comes in a variety of colours, but please check with us first, for availability.

Hand Tooled Leather
Hand tooled leather makes a rope can stand out. We can design almost anything you want to make the can unique.

Spotted cowhide can be used for that extra personal touch.

Add as many conchos as you like, in whatever style you prefer.

Get real fancy with Rhinestones. Not only do they add flash, they are also available in a variety of colors.

Leather Silhouettes
We can do silhouettes on your rope can, in almost any design, cut-out with hair-on cowhide behind or silhouettes can be painted. Send us a picture and we’ll see what we can do.

Shapes can be cut out, for example stars, steer heads, states…or your truck!

We can do names, initials, brands, company names etc. carved into the leather.

Sponsors Logo in Leather
Company logos can be added to your rope can which are great for sponsorships.

Cut your name out and inlay with hair-on cowhide, which is available in the same variety of colors as the cows it comes from.

Add silver highlights to personalize your rope can.

The rope cans can be tooled in a variety of ways, floral tooling, basket stamping, send us a design you like.

Names and brands can also be cut out and hair on cowhide lay in behind for contrast.

Leather, Plain or Exotic
We can use dark, med or light leather.

We can use exotic leathers. Ostrich can be used as a special request, but of course a special price is attached to that.

Leather Carry Straps
Dress up your rope can with a custom made leather strap.

The strap is lined for durability, and also can be tooled with initials, name or brand for that personalized touch.

Straps can be made with hair on cowhide as well and spots and conchos can be added.

Get yours today styled the way you want, personalize it with brands, company logos, your name and silhouettes in your choice.

The point of this whole description is that we think equipment should reflect the individuality of the competitor. It’s a matter of self expression and we can help with that. Tell us how you’d like to express yourself and we’ll help you do it!